Behind The Brand

As a salon owner and someone who does waxing all day, I found myself completely unsatisfied on a consistent basis with the waxes I was using. I realized after doing waxes, the skin being worked on would remain sticky, very red, and while doing non-strip waxes, the wax would not stay together as one piece. My dissatisfaction with the different waxing brands prompted me to do research and after months of non-stop travel and meetings, I decided to create my own brand called Natuwax.

Natuwax was established on the belief that high quality products, services and techniques yield success and client satisfaction. Today, Natuwax stays one step ahead of the competition by embracing organic and natural ingredients which leaves the skin with no stickiness and no redness. Place your trust in Natuwax and grant you clients smooth hair-free skin.

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Fantastic support & Shop! I loved all the products. Very fast shipping as well.

Dillon Vallejo August 9, 2017